I'm Syntinel. I do Web Design, Development & Digital Marketing.

Syntinel is the best web design company in Spokane, WA. We provide professional web design and website development, fast loading web pages, search engine optimization and more!


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Web Design

Before the development process begins we will work together to come up with a web design that you absolutely love.

Web Design

From the smallest start ups to the largest conglomerates fantastic web design is crucial in order to stand apart from your competitors.

User Interface (UI)
We apply a user-centric philosophy to our designs in order to create the perfect web site for your current and potential customers to interface with.
User Experience (UX)
Whether someone needs to look up your phone number, submit a contact form or make a purchase, our websites create an intuitive user experience (UX) that easily and quickly allows your customers to navigate to the exact page they need.
Built From Scratch

Let us build you a custom website from the ground up or go with one of our amazing premade templates.

Choose a Premade Template

Browse our massive library of premade website templates created by seasoned, professional designers as a starting point for your website. Then, customize it to your heart’s desire.

Maintenance & Updates

Keep your website fast, visible and virus free with one of our maintenance packages.

Web Development

Bring your ideas to life with web development! This is where we put our designs in to action in the form of a fully functional website that you own 100%.

About Me

Hello! I’m Garrett, Founder & Lead Developer for Syntinel

After excelling in art/design and consuming all the computer/web coursework that I could in high school I began this chapter of my professional journey by learning WordPress in 2013.

While majoring in E-Business (Web Development Track) at Collin College I learned programming, networking, security, design, development, and marketing.

I have since held positions such as Digital Marketing Manager, Internet Marketing Consultant, and Web Developer.

Currently I hold multiple certifications from organizations including CompTIA, Collin College and NuCamp.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & Social Media


  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Business Owner


  • E-Business at Collin College
  • NuCamp Coding Bootcamp


  • CompTIA ITF+
  • Collin College Internet Marketing Certificate
  • Responsive Web Design Certificate (300 hrs) from freeCodeCamp
  • SoloLearn
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript